Bespoke Engineering

There are many different builds or expedition/overland trucks that have been built, are being built, or are currently being dreamed about. What’s really exciting about building your own vehicle is that you can customise it to be exactly what you want, budget permitting of course.

Different owners require different specs. Some would prefer a lighter build, others don’t require major off road capability, others need to be able to endure difficult terrain or extreme weather. For us, we need something capable of dealing with wet muddy dirt roads with significant holes, furrows, and corrugations.

By pure serendipity I came across an engineer/fabricator called Jonathan who owns exactly the same vehicle. He is passionate about his craft, and it didn’t take long until we started exchanging new ideas on the perfect expedition truck for us.

Engineering jobs we are now planning are as follow;

  1. Chassis extension
  2. Chassis flex rocker mounting system and subframe
  3. Subframe locking system
  4. Expedition roof rack
  5. Skirt lockers
  6. Removable side rails
  7. Motorcycle carrier
  8. Winch bumper and roo bars

This is unlikely to be where the list ends, but is a significant starting list. I’m hoping to get our truck across to Jonathan as soon as possible but before I do we need to get her registered and through a mechanical inspection.

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Best wishes … Shaun & Rachelle

A Dream is Born

All journeys begin with a dream, and ever since I spent time working with indigenous Aboriginal communities in Far North Tropical Queensland, I have dreamed of working with rural communities throughout the world, particularly in Africa.

I’m very fortunate to have trained as a doctor, and am now a consultant in Emergency Medicine. I feel I have valuable skills to bring to these communities, as well as a desire to tell their story to the rest of the world.

What better way then, than to travel the world in an expedition vehicle, delivering medical aid and education, and showing the rest of the world via social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook?

My dream first started with dreaming, but today the dream just became real after buying a beautiful DAF T244 ex military 4×4 truck with less than 28,000 km on the click.

Please join us on this journey which starts with my expedition vehicle build.

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See you soon … Shaun